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Stereopony (ステレオポニー ) is a Japanese rock band that formed in Okinawa in 2007, consisting of Aimi (lead guitar/lead vocals), Nohana (bass guitar), and Shiho (Drums). They are signed onto Sony Music Japan’s gr8! Records music label.
Official Website:


Saori @ destiny is a Japanese electropop singer produced by Terukado. She is signed to the major record label D-topia Entertainment and her music is distributed by Victor Entertainment. She began her musical career by performing in the streets of Akihabara and her song “My Boy” was used in the MMORPG “Secret Online”.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


SID (シド) is a J-Rock band under Sony’s Danger Crue Records. They made their major debut in the end of 2005, which was bolstered by their large fanbase. They stand out from the rest of the indies scene with their jazzy sound that is absent in visual kei.
Vocals: Mao (マオ)
Guitar: Shinji (しんぢ)
Bass: Aki (明希)
Drums: Yuuya (ゆうや)
Official Website:

Riyu Kosaka

 Riyu Kosaka (小坂りゆ) is one of the most prolific bemani vocalists. She is considered the lead singer of Konami’s J-pop group, BeForU, and is produced by NAOKI Maeda. In addition to songs for the BEMANI series of games, Riyu Kosaka has performed songs for anime.
Official Website:


RYTHEM (リズム) is a J-pop duo who are under the Sony Music label.
Yui (Piano + Vocals)
Yuka (Acoustic Guitar + Vocals)
Official Website:

Rie fu

Rie fu (リエ フゥ Rie fu) is a Japanese pop singer/songwriter under Sony Music Entertainment’s Palm Beach Records sub-label. She made her debut in 2004 with the single, “Rie who!?” and gained popularity singing the theme songs to anime series such as Bleach, Gundam Seed Destiny, and DARKER THAN BLACK.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


ORANGE RANGE (オレンジレンジ) is a popular Japanese band. They release music which is a fusion of several genres (rock, hip-hop, R&B) and has three vocalists.
Mid vocals: HIROKI (Hokama Hiroki [外間弘樹])
High vocals: YAMATO (Ganeko Yamato [我如古大和])
Low vocals: RYO (Miyamori Ryou [宮森涼]
Guitar: NAOTO (Hiroyama Naoto [廣山直人])
Bass: YOH (Miyamori You [宮森洋])
Official Website:


Oblivion Dust

Oblivion Dust is a Japanese rock band founded in 1996. Their sound is very influenced by early 90’s american bands, like Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails, but with a trademark sonority that makes the band very unique.
Vocal: Ken Lloyd
Guitar: K.A.Z
Bass: Rikiji
Official Website:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


 VAMPS is a unit formed in 2008 by HYDE (vocals) and K.A.Z. (guitar) under the label VAMPROSE.
Official Website:


GO!GO!7188 (Go Go Nana Ichi Hachi Hachi), also known simply as Gogo, is a Japanese rock band with influences spanning from surf rock to punk rock to enka.
Vocalist, guitarist, songwriter: Yuu (ユウ)
Bassist, backup vocalist, lyricist:  Akko (アッコ)
Drummer, additional vocals: Turkey (ターキー)


GLAY (グレイ) is a popular rock/pop band. Glay primarily composes songs in the rock and pop genres, but they have also composed songs using elements of different styles such as reggae and gospel.
Vocals: TERU
Guitar, keyboard and background vocals: TAKURO
Bass: JIRO
Official Website:


LM.C ( is a Japanese visual kei band, playing a hybrid of rock and electronic pop, that consists of two members.
Vocals, guitar: Maya
Guitar, vocals: Aiji
Official Website:


Monday, September 13, 2010

Janne Da Arc

Janne Da Arc (ジャンヌダルク) is a Japanese rock band. The band’s name is often seen shortened to either “Janne” (ジャンヌ) or “JDA”. They are able to mix an edgy, crisp sound with catchy melodies-satisfying both hardcore rock/metal fans and those who prefer simple melody. As of January 26 2007, the members of Janne Da Arc are pursuing solo projects, concurrent with their work in the band.
Vocals: yasu
Guitar: you
Bass: ka-yu
Keyboard: kiyo
Drums: shuji
Official Website:

Ikimono Gakari

Ikimono Gakari (いきものがかり) is a three member rock band that formed in 1999. They made their mainstream debut in March 2006 with Epic Japan Records.
Vocals: Yoshioka Kiyoe (吉岡聖恵)
Guitar, vocals: Mizuno Yoshiki (水野良樹)
Guitar & Harmonica: Yamashita Hotaka (山下穂尊)


HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR are a J-Rock fusion group on the Sony Japan label. Their name is sometimes shortened to ‘Haikara (ハイカラ)’ in Japanese.
Vocals: HALCA
Vocals, rapper: Yuusuke
Guitar: MEG
Guitar: Kazuto
Bass: mACKAz
Drums: SASSY
Former members: Maki (vocals)
Official Website:


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little by Little

Little by Little is a Japanese pop / rock band, consisting of vocalist Hideco (ヒデコ) and “melody maker of superfine quality” Tetsuhiko (テツヒコ). Little by Little’s record label is Sony Music Entertainment Japan and is attached to Stardust Promotion. They are mostly known for their contributions to anime.


Hearts Grow

Hearts Grow (ハーツグロウ or ハーツグロー) is a Japanese band from Motobu, Okinawa. Their first single Grow!! was released independently (in limited quantities) on 19 April 2006. Hearts Grow made their major label debut on 18 October 2006, with the release of their first single Road.
Official Website:



GARNET CROW, is a Japanese pop/rock band formed in 1999 and associated with the Giza Studio record label. Their music could pass through soft rock, pop, blues and a bit of progressive, giving birth to a sophisticated sound.
Vocals, music composition: Yuri Nakamura
Keyboard, lyrics: Nana Azuki
Keyboard, music arrangement: Hirohito Furui
Guitar: Hitoshi Okamoto
Official Website:


 Flow is a J-rock band. They are part of Sony Music Japan’s Ki/oon Records label.
Vocals: Keigo and Kohshi
Guitar: Take
Bass: Got’s
Drums: Iwasaki
Official Website:


Erika Sawajiri (沢尻 エリカ ) is a Japanese actress, model, and musician. Her alias in her music career was Kaoru Amane, but she has recently started her own project under the name Erika.
Official Website:


LISA (エリサ) is a Japanese pop singer and model of elite model management Japan. She debuted with the single, 「 euphoric field feat. ELISA 」.
Official Website:


Ellegarden was an indie band. Their music sounds like punk rock, but sometimes they come up with peaceful, ballad-like songs. Most of their songs are partially or completely in English.
Vocals, guitar: Hosomi Takeshi
Guitar: Ubukata Shinichi
Bass: Takada Yuichi
Drums: Takahashi Hirotaka
Official Website:


Deen (ディーン ) is a Japanese J-Pop / Folk music band, formed in 1993. Members frequently changed until the release of first album, and from there Deen had 4 members, vocalist Shuichi Ikemori (池森秀一), keyboardist and leader Koji Yamane (山根公路), guitarist Shinji Tagawa(田川伸治) and drummer Naoki Utsumoto. In January 2000, Utsumoto left the group. The band has sold over 15 million compact discs.
Official Website:

Do As Infinity

Do As Infinity is a Japanese pop/rock group on the avex trax label. They are named after composer and creator, Nagao Dai, who no longer has an active role in the public face of the group, despite originally appearing at public events and in their promotional videos.
Vocals: Van Tomiko (伴 都美子)
Guitar, backup vocals: Owatari Ryo (大渡 亮)
Composer, guitar: Nagao Dai
Official Website:


 DREAM is a J-pop girl band. Since its beginnings, Dream has expanded and grown in terms of both its line-up (currently consisting of six girls), its name (going from dream to DRM to Dream) and the diversity of their music – going from basic pop to a more eclectic and mature pop sound that mixes elements of eurobeat, dance, and rock.
Abe Erie (阿部絵理恵)
Takamoto Aya (高本 彩)
Nakashima Ami (中島麻未)
Nishida Shizuka (西田静香)
Tachibana Kana (橘 佳奈)
Yamamoto Sayaka (山本紗也加)
Official Website:

Dir En Grey

Dir en grey is a japanese rock band formed in 1997 from the disbanded visual kei band La:Sadie’s.
Vocal: Kyo (京)
Guitar: DIE
Guitar: Kaoru (薫)
Drums: Shinya
Official Site:


Deathgaze (デスゲイズ ) is a Japanese Heavy metal band with a toned down visual kei style.
Vocals: Ai (藍)
Guitar: Naoto (直人)
Bass: Kosuke (孝介)
Drums: Naoki (直樹)
Official Website:

Danger Gang

Danger Gang (デンジャー☆ギャング) is a four-member band from Tokyo. The most jaw dropping fact about them is the fact that they are all female, which is very unusual in the visual kei scene. Their music is cheerful and upbeat rock with background chanting and occasional growls by vocalist Waka.
Vocals: Waka (わか)
Guitar: Hiko (ヒコ)
Bass: Thera
Drums: Rei (麗)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


 D’espairsRay is a visual kei band formed in 1999. They have a rather dark appearance which is often mistaken by non-visuals with goth. Their music could have been considered as heavy rock, and more often as industrial goth rock. Around 2003 they changed their style with MaVERiCK, turning into nu-metal.
Vocals: HIZUMI
Guitar: Karyu
Bass: ZERO
Official Website:


D=OUT (ダウト) is a fairly new Japanese visual kei band. They formed in December 2006. Their sound is jazzy and largely dominated by vocals and bass.
Vocals: Kouki (幸樹)
Guitar: Ibuki
Guitar: Hikaru
Bass: Reika
Drums: Minase
Official Website:

CoЯe The Child

CoЯe The Child was an independent Japanese rock band formed in 2004. They disbanded in 2006.
Vocals, piano: Yuuki (勇企)
Guitar: Yuu (悠)
Bass: Shunsuke (俊介)
Drums: Shou (匠)


ClearVeil (クリアベール)  is a live-centric visual kei band known for their fast-paced, wild sound. While their music is typically heavy and rebellious, even their cheerier songs are characterized by dark overtones and a frenzied pace. Despite their loudness, the band also offers melodies that are memorable, entertaining and sometimes downright beautiful. In April of 2010 it was announced that ClearVeil will disband on July 4th after their one-man live at Nagoya E.L.L.
Vocal: Saki (尖)
Guitar: Nozomi (希)
Guitar: Ryuuto (りゅうと)
Bass: HISAYOSHI (ひさよし)
Drums: Naruka (成華)
Official Website:

Chiaki Ishikawa

Ishikawa Chiaki (石川智晶) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter under the Victor Entertainment Inc. record label. She was also the lead vocalist of the unit See-saw, along with Kajiura Yuki. Most of her songs are used for anime.
Official Website:



CHERRYBLOSSOM is a Japanese 4 piece band. The band debuted in 2007. They are commonly known for their song DIVE TO THE WORLD and CYCLE that was used as the theme for the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
Bass: 83
Drums: Yucchi
Official Website:


Chatmonchy (チャットモンチー ) is a three-piece rock band from Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, Japan. Since 2005, they have been signed to Sony Music Japan’s Ki/oon Records record label.
Lead vocal & guitar: Hashimoto Eriko (橋本絵莉子)
Bass: Fukuoka Akiko (福岡晃子)
Drums: Takahashi Kumiko (高橋久美子)
Official Website:

Canary Club

Canary Club (キャナァーリ倶楽部) is a J-Pop group produced by TNX, published on the Good Factory Record label, and part of NICE GIRL Project.  The group is split into two groups: CAN’S and A~rias.
Eri~na (Hashiguchi Erina) / えり〜な (橋口恵莉奈)
Ogamana (Ogawa Mana) / おがまな (小川真奈)
Ayubee (Takada Ayumi) / あゆべえ (高田あゆみ)
Ucchi (Uchida Yuma) / うっちぃ (内田由麻)
Okkyan (Okada Reiko) / おっきゃん (岡田怜子)
Mikki (Niwa Mikiho) / みっきー (丹羽未来帆)
Ikucchi (Ooura Ikuko) / いくっち (大浦育子)
Macchan (Matsui Yurie) / まっちゃん (松井友里絵)


camino is a Japanese rock band which has released multiple singles and albums, as well as performed songs for the soundtracks of anime, dramas, and other Japanese programming.
Vocals: HAYATO
Guitar: KIKU
Bass: TAKA
Keyboard: RYOSUKE
Drums: REHIT


 BUMP OF CHICKEN is a Rock group from Japan. Bump of Chicken produces a variety of sounds ranging from love ballads to rock songs, giving them a wide fan base. While their music may sound outdated, it is a unique style that has drawn its inspiration from European legends like The Beatles.
Vocals, guitar: Motoo Fujiwara(藤原基央)
Guitar: Hiroaki Masukawa(増川弘明)
Bass: Yoshifumi Naoi(直井由文)
Drums: Hideo Masu(升秀夫)


Buono!  (ボーノ) is a Japanese pop group under Hello! Project. Formed in 2007, it consists of Momoko Tsugunaga (嗣永桃子) and Miyabi Natsuyaki (夏焼雅) from Berryz Koubou (Berryz工房) and Airi Suzuki (鈴木愛理) from ℃-ute. All of their singles to date have been used as theme songs for the anime series Shugo Chara!


BUCK-TICK (バクチク) is a Japanese rock band, formed by Imai Hisashi in 1985. They are commonly credited as one of the founders of the visual kei movement. Their musical style is very hard to describe as they keep changing it and developing their music all the time.
Vocals: Sakurai Atsushi (櫻井敦司)
Guitar, theremin, backing vocals: Imai Hisashi (今井 寿)
Guitar, keyboard: Hoshino Hidehiko (星野 英彦)
Bass: Higuchi Yutaka (桶口豊)
Drums: Yagami Toll (ヤガミ・トール)
Official Website: