Thursday, September 9, 2010


ACID is a Japanese rock band originally created by Hideki after Siam Shade disbanded. In the beginning, Hideki had a huge influence on ACID and they played a hard mix of new rock and emocore with heavy emphasis placed on his and Junpei’s twin vocals. After he left the band, their songs became less focused on vocals and turned a bit more pop-ish, but still kept their “heavy” sound due to having three guitarists.
Vocal: Junpei (淳平)
Guitar: Daisuke (大介)
Guitar: Kim (金)
Guitar: Masamitsu (昌満)
Bass: Yuta (遊汰)
Drums: Sei-ichiro (誠一郎)
Ex-member - Keyboard, Vocal : Hideki (栄喜)
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