Friday, September 10, 2010


B’z (ビーズ ) is a Japanese hard rock duo, comprising Tak Matsumoto (松本 孝弘 – composition, guitar) and Koshi Inaba (稲葉 浩志 - lyrics, vocals). B’z has traveled through all possible styles of rock, from pop-rock at the beginning to blues rock and heavy guitar riffs with less keyboard work. In other words, B’z offers music for (almost) every taste.
 ~(BEST ALBUM-2) B’z The Best “ULTRA” Treasure [2008.09.17]~
~(ALBUM) ACTION [2007.12.05]~
~(ALBUM) MONSTER-1 [2006.06.28]~
~(ALBUM) MONSTER-2 [2006.06.28]~
~(BEST ALBUM) B’z The Best “Pleasure II” [2005.11.30]~
~(ALBUM) THE CIRCLE [2005.04.06]~
~(ALBUM) BIG MACHINE [2003.09.17]~
~(BEST ALBUM) The Ballads ~Love & B’z~ [2002.12.11]~
~(ALBUM) GREEN [2002.07.03]~
 ~(ALBUM) ELEVEN [2000.12.06]~
~(BEST ALBUM) B’z The “Mixture” [2000.03.23]~
~(ALBUM) Brotherhood [1999.07.14]~
~(BEST ALBUM) B’z The Best “Pleasure” [1998.05.20]~
~(ALBUM) SURVIVE [1997.11.19]~
~(Mini-album) FRIENDS II [1996.11.25]~
~(ALBUM) LOOSE [1995.11.22]~
~(ALBUM) The 7th Blues [1994.03.02]~
~(Mini-album) FRIENDS [1992.12.09]~
~(ALBUM) RUN [1992.11.21]~
~(ALBUM) IN THE LIFE [1991.11.27]~
~(Mini-album) MARS [1991.05.29]~
~(ALBUM) RISKY [1990.11.07]~
~(Mini-album) WICKED BEAT [1990.06.21]~
~(ALBUM) BREAK THROUGH [1990.02.21]~
~(Mini-album) BAD COMMUNICATION [1989.10.21]~
~(ALBUM) OFF THE LOCK [1989.05.21]~
~(ALBUM) B’z [1988.09.21]~